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Meet Schedule


Gates open 8 am

Open track 9 am – 5 pm

Show setup and entry during the day

Munch and mingle reception – light refreshments, bench racing, scrapbook sharing, memorabilia displays, 1960s karting movies 5 pm-8 pm.

Track secured 8 pm 


Gates open 8 am

Tune up session 9 am – 10 am

5-lap fun heats start at 10 am- groups are as follows:

1. Historic – 1956-62ish karts with period engines, or a stock Mc49

2. Rear engine single

3. American reed sidewinder single

4. Dual engine karts (the idea is karts/engines from mid-60’s-on, staggered gridding, with dual sidewinders in front, dual rears in back. Early 60’s duals with period lower powered engines can run in Historic.)

5. Yamaha and foreign engine sidewinder single

At the end of each cycle there will be an open track session and if there are juniors, we will close the track for a juniors-only session, and then start the next round of fun heats. This running order will go on until the lunch break from 12:30-1:30 and then resume until 5 pm.

BBQ lunch for attendees 12:30-1:30

Show karts on display all day with judging taking place in the afternoon. “Show and go” classes should line up for afternoon judging during the lunch break.

Swap meet all day

Raffle drawings and show awards 5 pm

Close event 6 pm

Track closes 8 pm

I’ve said since the beginning the main thrust of this meet is to make this a true reunion – the most important part of this meet is seeing YOU. As you well know, we’ve lost a number of our karting friends the last couple of years and the opportunity to hang out again and enjoy catching up with each other and enjoying vintage karts becomes more important with each passing day. Even if you no longer have your vintage kart or you no longer drive, we want to see you bring out any karting memorabilia or scrapbooks, and come out and swap stories and memories with us. The goal is to just make a weekend of memories we can all cherish forever.

We’ll have a huge celebration of the history of karting and vintage karting as a hobby; to see faces and karts we haven’t seen in a while, hear stories, to have a really good show that will be a highlight of the weekend and hopefully inspire folks to bring out their perfectly restored karts and know that they are a focus of the meet and not an afterthought. The 5-lap fun heats will be a blast and hopefully during the open track time you can go out with your pals that might have a kart in a different class, or one of the most fun things that used to happen a lot in the early meets was swapping karts. This will be the perfect opportunity for that.



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