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Raffle Kart Tickets!


To pull out all the stops for the meet, we wanted to do something special for what will be a special, one-time-only event.

So we decided to build a kart that we’d raffle off at the event. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Firefighters Burn Institute ( which is a nonprofit that provides recovery programs for burn survivors; provides fire and burn prevention through public education; funds education for burn team professionals, firefighters, and burn survivors; and supports burn treatment and rehabilitation research.

The kart is a 1961 Bug WASP that was built to look era-correct. This is how it might have looked if you had seen it at the race track in 1963. The engine is a late 60’s McCulloch Mc91, but has an earlier round head on it to keep up the earlier appearance.

Raffle Tickets are $10 each, and we are limiting tickets to a total of 500. We will make sure there are tickets available at the event. While it is greatly hoped that you’ll come out to support the event, you may also purchase tickets from this page below. If you are not from the Northern California area, you will have to arrange pick up and shipping should you win the kart. We will help your shipper load the kart, but we’re not in a position to build a crate, or strap it to a pallet, or deliver it to a shipper.

The other fine print is while this kart has been built with the utmost of care, it’s a racing machine so there is no warranty of any kind expressed or implied. If you are going to run the kart it will be incumbent upon you to do the shake down procedures on it the same as if you had built it yourself: check all the hardware, run it in carefully, check all the hardware again, and make adjustments as you go until the kart is dialed in to how you like it.

I’d like to acknowledge and thank all the folks who pitched in to make the raffle kart happen – here’s who they are and how they contributed:

Frame/spindles: Mike Smith

Powdercoating: Robert Morris

Welding/fabrication, vapor blasting, metal plating: Michael Edick

Engine rebuild: Terry Ives

Clutch: Jim Donovan – Max Torque Clutches

Tires: Gus Gustafson – Vintage Speed Tires

Upholstery, exhaust, sprocket hubs: Keith CoBen

Gas tank: Tom Kelley

Chrome tank cap: Greg Gouvia

Steering wheel: Jim Waltz

Rear wheels: Vince Hughes

Good luck!



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    • I’ll let you do that! You seem to have a lot of ideas for other people to do stuff! LOL I’ll let you organize a New England event and then you can sell your restored vintage karts there. (just having fun with you…) Dean


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