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VKR is absolutely a GO!

We are absolutely a go for the Vintage Kart Reunion taking place at Prairie City on May 6&7, 2022 – we are really looking forward to it and pulling out all the stops to have an amazing couple of days at the track with the program we originally planned: full time kart show, open track time, 5-lap fun heats for like-group karts, munch and mingle on Friday late afternoon/early evening, bench racing, old kart films, raffles and a swap meet. There will be something for everyone.

A reminder that this is a one-time only meet in the hopes that we’ll see you all again and catch up and swap stories and if you haven’t been out in awhile and still have your karts in the garage, a chance for you to share them again. We would love to see the folks that are still very active in the hobby along with the ones we miss and haven’t seen in awhile. As we’ve lived through this crazy time and sadly lost a number of our karting friends and family, it’s a reminder that the window to get the old gang back together will not remain open indefinitely. So even if you haven’t been active in the hobby for awhile, please come out and join in on the fun, kart or no kart.

I wanted to give a quick update on the raffle kart – Robert Morris generously took care of the powder coating in a nice medium metallic blue that is close to the Bug color with perhaps just a bit more flake in it. Keith CoBen was a champ and had the seat done. The Faye pedals, steering shaft, and spindles are at the platers as I type this, and Michael Edick took the box of McCulloch engine parts I dropped off and had them vapor blasted, and then I took the fresh parts to Terry Ives to have the engine assembled. The raffle kart will have a Mc91 with a round head on it so it will look the part of an early 60’s Mac. It will be topped off with a REED sloper intake and a GEM box muffler.

As a reminder, the proceeds from the raffle kart, and the parts/goodie raffle will go to charity. With all the destruction we’ve endured, I thought that the proceeds from the raffle kart would be good to send to the Fire Fighters Burn Institute. I did some research and 92 cents of every dollar goes to the recipients and programs. Per their website:  “The Firefighters Burn Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded by Sacramento Fire Captain Cliff Haskell and the Sacramento Area Fire Fighters Local 522 in 1973, for the purpose of establishing a local burn treatment facility; providing recovery programs for burn survivors; providing fire and burn prevention through public education; funding education for burn team professionals, firefighters, and burn survivors; and supporting burn treatment and rehabilitation research.” You can find out more here:

I’m attaching a few photos of what the kart looks like at the moment with the powder coating and the uninstalled seat. I will send (and post) updates as progress is made.

With the parts/goodie raffle, the proceeds will go to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. They also have a good track record where 90 cents of every dollar donated goes to caring for those in need. Here is more information:

We have some great vintage parts and items donated for the raffle, and how this one will be different is you can put your raffle tickets in for the specific part or item you would like to try to win. If you have parts or karting memorabilia that you’d care to donate, please let me know! I’m sure we will also round up some neat non-karting items for those folks and significant others who might not have an interest in bringing home something like a new Horstman muffler for a West Bend.   

We also have all the kart show trophies, and they are really something! Tom Thorin went above and beyond to come up with the pieces to make these trophies special. It kinda makes me bummed that I can’t enter a kart in the show! 

I will probably have one more update this year – hopefully with photos of the new UVKA t-shirts that will be available for purchase/ordering, raffle kart photos, and any other updates we have.

However, I’ll start ramping up communications after the holidays to keep everyone in the loop and to answer questions as they come in. We still need judges for the show – a pair that are well-versed in rear engine karts, and a pair that are well versed in sidewinders. Please reach out to me, or Tom Thorin at it’ll be fun, and you’ll be paid handsomely in bratwurst and potato salad or some such culinary delight.

I’m also going to be promoting the meet to the speed shops, traditional hot rod and car clubs in the area – it would be cool to have folks come and check it out, particularly on Saturday during the fun heats where we can put on a show and give spectators a flavor of what flag to flag action was like in the vintage period, as well as seeing the fantastic karts on display in the show. 

I’m gathering information for the printed program – sadly we need to update the In Memoriam section. If you know of any of our fellow vintage karters who have passed in the last 6 months, please forward those names to me so I can make sure they are included and remembered. 

Also, please let karting pals know about this – have them contact me if they would like me to add them to the group so they can stay in the loop on the meet as we get closer. The more, the merrier with this meet and it’s just going to be a big party, celebrating vintage karting, the memory of our karting friends who are no longer with us, and each other. Let’s make this meet one for the ages!

I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend   




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