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Howdy,As you all know, the Vintage Kart Reunion was originally scheduled for May 7 & 8 of this year, but the Covid situation meant we had to reschedule.

At the time I felt it was important to get the meet in this year to keep the momentum, so we found dates in September.

It turns out this was a mistake.

At the time we rescheduled, the vintage karting calendar was still pretty sparse, at least on the west coast – but as time wore on, the calendar filled up. To the point where there are so many meets within 2-3 weeks on either side of our September date that we were hearing from folks who were set to come in May, that they would not be making it in September. The whole idea of this meet is to have a big celebration and party and get a bunch of folks together (some who we haven’t seen in awhile) to celebrate the early days of both karting and vintage karting (vintage vintage karting?) to honor our vintage karting friends who are no longer with us, and to focus on having a great show, having some great memorabilia and bench racing, to give a bit of a spotlight to the rear engine karts that were more prevalent at the inception of the hobby, having some simple, casual fun flag to flag action and to have a good swap meet to help folks get the pieces to finish projects and perhaps entice fresh participation from folks who are coming out just to check everything out.In order for that to happen it needs participation and attendance, and as time wore on it became clearer that it was going to be much more difficult to pull off in September.

Vince brought this up to me, and confirmed with Tom that we were all feeling the same concerns. So as much as I cringe about and resisted this because I know it’s not a good look to keep moving things around – we’ve taken everything into account and decided that our best shot at having the kind of meet we all want is to postpone and reschedule for Friday and Saturday, May 6-7, 2022. This will be the final date. We really hope that you can plan to be there. Please mark your calendars regarding the change.

You’ll be hearing from me from time to time throughout the summer regarding the raffle kart build, as well as letting you know what things are in store and any developments as they happen. One of the good things I can mention now is by the May 2022 date, camping at the track should be wide open again. I will be sure to keep everyone in the loop and to confirm that once I am able to. As always, please reach out and let us know if you have any questions about the meet.

Have a great summer and keep the rubber side down,



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