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Raffle Kart!

Mike Smith kindly donated a 1960 Bug WASP frame and steering as the basis of the raffle kart. It had a bunch of extra stuff added on the front and needed some tweaking to other parts and a lot of welds cleaned up, and Michael Edick offered to do the cutting and welding. I went up there today and spent the day up with Michael working on it.

The Fox pedals that were donated weren’t going to work after all, so what do you do? Make a pair of Faye pedals from scratch! We gained 2 1/2″ over the stock pedal location so it should be much more comfortable/workable for most rear engine kart pilots. We also added smaller front axle supports for a little added strength up front. Not stock, but plenty of race karts had them.

We’re keeping this as much of a 1960 Bug Wasp as possible, but it will look the way it might have if it was still racing in 1963 – original 60’s Azusa Tri-Star wheels as were used on the mid-60’s Bug karts. Will be powder coated metallic blue with black seat upholstery (once I can line that up!) It will be powered by a Mc91 with a round head and an early GEM manifold to make it look like an earlier McCulloch. New Max-Torque clutch and a set of Vintage Speed tires.

Gus at Vintage Speed is donating tires, Jim Donovan is donating a new Max-Torque clutch, Jim Waltz donated a cool “500” steering wheel, Keith CoBen donated and exhaust and engine mount, Tom Kelley is donating a steel bubble tank, Robert Morris donated an axle and is covering the powder coating. Terry Ives and Will Rogers offered to help with other items as needed.

I think once we have someone lined up to do the upholstery, we’ll be dialed! If you know of anyone, please have them get in touch.

Next stop: powder coating! Raffle tix will be $10 a pop, all proceeds will go to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Here are photos of the start and the progress.

Be sure to come to the Vintage Kart Reunion so you can take this cool kart home with you!



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  1. Michael Edick demonstrated his unparalleled welding and fabricating skills once again. He converted me from being a MIG guy to a TIG guy once I saw him do some TIG work. Bravo!


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