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5-Lap Fun Heat Groups

For the 5 lap fun heats on Saturday, my initial thoughts for groupings are:

1. Historic – 1956-62ish karts with period engines, or a stock Mc49

2. Rear engine single

3. American reed sidewinder single

4. Dual engine karts (the idea is karts/engines from mid-60’s-on, staggered gridding, with dual sidewinders in front, dual rears in back. Early 60’s duals with period lower powered engines can run in Historic.)

5. Yamaha and foreign engine sidewinder single

Obviously depending on kart counts, some of these might be combined – historic and rear engine, all the sidewinders, etc. The point of these fun heats are just that: fun. It’s more fun to run in a group on the track rather than going out by yourself, which tends to be the case nowadays on play days and open track time. So it’s just the chance to put on a show for folks watching and to have fun together. We want to keep things running briskly, and since it’s not a race with scoring it’s better to get a decent sized group for each one, rather than have too many groups with 3 karts each in there. There may be adjustments as the day goes on – if there is both driver and kart attrition as the day wears on and say we have 10 karts in the first two heats for a group, but by the end of the day only two show up on the grid, we may start combining groups.

I’m planning on hitting all the regular car outlets with promotions – car shows, races, some ads in local outlets, and so forth, so I’d anticipate that there will be more spectators hanging out at this meet than we normally have.

I figure we will run the heats in succession so they will run one right after the other. At the end of the fun heats, we will also have a period of open track time and then a period of closed track time for any juniors to go out and get laps in without worrying about traffic. If you have kids or grandkids and a kart with something like a 580, 500 rookie engine, or a Mc49, they will have ample time to turn laps in a safe environment.

Once the junior session ends, we run the heats again. Lather, rinse, repeat until we’re at the end of the day.

On Friday, we will just have open track time all day, however if there are juniors that show up, we will give them a closed session at the top of each hour – probably 10 minutes or so.



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