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I wanted to start start this site to get the word out so folks can plan ahead and also get the word out to their friends. We have Prairie City Kart Track on board, the dates set, and we’ve got the concept and most of the logistics in place (see the “about” page for the outline) please check out the “blog” page for running updates.

The focus of the meet will be on vintage karts from the 1950’s-70’s, because that’s what our focus was on at that first meet, and that’s what this is commemorating and those early karts have faded into the background a bit over the years.
But there will also be opportunities for folks with the early 80’s karts to run and display and share that part of the history too. We have a number of stalwarts who have been involved for years who are no longer comfortable in the rear engine karts but still want to drive so they’ve moved to post vintage, so I want them to be there. We’ll have some 5-lap fun heats for their group during the day. Everyone will get ample seat time. I promise.

The main thrust of this meet is to make this a true reunion and a huge celebration of the history of karting and vintage karting as a hobby; to hopefully see faces and karts we haven’t seen in a while, to have a really good show that will be a highlight of the weekend and hopefully inspire folks to bring out their perfectly restored karts and know that they are a focus of the meet and not an afterthought. Tom Thorin is the show director. This will be well planned out in advance with a panel of judges selected far in advance who are knowledgeable about the period and factory details. We really want to make this something special. Please email him with any questions.

We also want to have displays of karting history and kart racing memorabilia, to bench race and hear and tell stories, please bring your scrapbooks and photos, racing jackets and vests, books, magazines, sales literature, engine and aftermarket parts collections to share with everyone.

The track time will be a lot of fun, with open track time all day Friday, and I’m really looking forward to watching and running the 5-lap fun heats on Saturday – which will get groups out on the track at the same time to run together and for those who want, to enjoy some very casual racing for good fun and a nice show of history in action at the same time, but it will be an equal part of the weekend rather than the main focus of the weekend.

I’d really like to see a good swap meet as well. It would be good to bring the restoration aspect more into the forefront of the hobby, seeing as at the very beginning the hobby was all about collecting and restoring, and getting to run the karts at speed was a bonus. I hope folks bring parts and karts and new folks get the bug to restore an old kart, and some of us oldsters in the hobby are inspired to find those pieces we need to finish a long-languishing project. Because vintage mini bikes are closely aligned with collectors and hobbyists, we welcome mini bike items at the swap meet.

The biggest thing is to just appreciate what we have and each other, so the most important part of this meet is, YOU. I really hope that you will plan to join us. We’ll miss you if you’re not there.

Vince Hughes is my partner in this endeavor, and we’re working on a few other things for the meet that we hope will be nice surprises when we can confirm them. I’ll announce them on the blog page once they have been firmed up.

Time is ticking rapidly, and the window for opportunities for the ol’ gang to get together and to share their love of the earlier era and the history with people will not be open indefinitely. Here’s hoping that some new folks will be curious and come out and will catch the bug to restore and run these old racing karts and see what the fun is all about.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!
Dean Seavers